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Novlok Welfare Society is a not-for-profit, philanthropic organization registered under Society Registration Act 1860 (No. S-31098/97) on 3rd of April, 1997.

Novlok Welfare Society was born out of efforts of a group of hard-working, benevolent medical Doctors who wanted to build a healthy and prosperous nation and wished for progress of our society and nation. The association was initially formed as Private Doctors Medical Association (PDMA). As it expanded in its spectrum of activities, PDMA was renamed as Novlok Welfare Society.

Initially the activities of Novlok Welfare Society were limited to building awareness and educating people. Slowly, the focus of activities shifted to more active intervention and for past several years we have been contributing to upheaval, betterment and welfare of society, especially of marginalised and impoverished sections such as SC, ST, OBC, Minorities, Disabled & Handicapped Persons, Women, Old & Elderly people, neglected children. We have also been working in such areas as Socio-Economics, Medicine & Health and Environment & Efforestation.

Efforts towards betterment of deprived women and children remain the primary focus of activities of Novlok Welfare Society. We have been able to reach out to many underprivileged women, children and youth, thanks to dedicated, devoted and untiring efforts of like-minded people. Novlok Welfare Society has been organizing activities such as camps, seminars, workshops and meetings in various geographical areas to identify, analyse and prioritise problems faced by these groups and to plan and execute programmes to provide relief to them.

Recently, in slum area of South-West Delhi, we opened Learning centre for education of slum area children under the UEE Mission, Directorate of Education, Govt. of Delhi. We have also opened in the same area public dispensary under the name of Novlok Dispensary. A team of doctors is already making a survey of the area to identify and target the prevalent conditions and is offering free medical checkups.

The present geographical area of our activities range in Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

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